Water for Wella Paperback Children’s Book


Get to know Wella, the little elephant on a big mission. In our new children’s book, you’ll join Wella on her transformative journey that shows how fresh water changes her life and her village forever. Proceeds from each book will help Set Free provide clean water for those who need it most.

Proceeds from each book provides clean water for a person in need around the globe.



Set Free’s mission is to transform communities by drilling wells that bring access to reliable, clean water. Today, there are 771 million people around the world who still lack access to this basic need. Our hope is that the Water for Wella children’s book will illustrate the importance of having clean water and educate children on the world water crisis in a way that is applicable to them. Our goal is to raise a new generation who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through clean water.


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